Join Us

Hey! Thanks for thinking about helping us release more chapters!

We are looking for :


  • Translating entire chapters from Japanese/Korean/Chinese to English.
  • Requirements: Dropbox and Skype.


  • Cleaning RAW text from entire chapters.
  • Requirements: Dropbox and Skype


  • Inserting translated text in chapters and using most appropriated fonts.
  • Requirements: Photoshop, Dropbox and Skype.
  • Video Tutorial


  • Removing overlay text from pages.
  • Requirements: Photoshop, Dropbox and Skype.

Raw Provider

  • Providing us with untranslated chapters for the RAWs site.
  • Requirements: Dropbox and Skype.

Cut-off Fixers

  • Fixing RAWs that have images cut off .
  • Requirements: Photoscape, Dropbox and Skype.
  • Video Tutorial

If you are able to do any of these things please send us an email @