Big Announcement

Published on: by yomangaco

Hello All,

So as you guys know we had a poll to see what series you guys follow on YoManga. The reason we did the poll was to see series that are popular and we could drop them and focus more on our current ones. Also we thought we should pick up more vanilla and romance related series like Brawling Go and Sweet Guy. Right now most of the stuff we do is NTR and Dark, and the most popular series that are being done by us are not in those genre. We've listed down some series that we want you to decide if we should pick them up, we're thinking to pick up 4-6 series.

The series that we'll be dropping are:

  • Bastard's Dead Man

  • Club Sodom

  • My Wives

  • Rabbit Hole

  • Seduction

  • Si Eun

  • Slave


Series that we’ll still be doing but at a slower pace are:

  • Uchi no Musume ni Te o Dasu na! - Oyako Heroine Funtousu

  • Miss Mystic

  • Heaven

Thanks for all the support you've given and we hope you continue to as well!


Also note, most of these have a rough translated name, once we pick a series up we give them a proper translated name.