Development Update, 07/11/2016

Published on: by yomangaco

Hey guys, Ash here - also known as Ashnb / Just Ash (on discord).

Thought I'd update you with the progress on the new site which is planned to launch by the end of this year.

Throughout the entire development the main goal has been to increase the communication between the users and allow everyone to have their own customizable page they can show to people. On your profile you will be able to display your country, have a short bio about yourself, upload a custom avatar & cover, publicly display your history of series / chapters that have been read and so much more is planned for this aspect of the new site.

Now, on to more features…

Notification system:

Currently, the notifications system will only tell you if you have a Friend Request or Private Message (s). Its primary goal is to give you information on anything that concerns you but I'm planning to allow you to "Follow" a series and it'll inform you (via Notifications) if there is a new chapter available for that particular series you are following.

Private Messaging:

Does what it says on the tin really, although it's not a tin. It allows you to privately send messages to people on your friends list.


While groups haven't been properly started on yet, it is planned to be a place for users to come along and create a group with their friends and have their own private internal community on a particular (or multiple) subject(s). Groups will be heavily configurable by the group creator.


I could go on and on about features so here's a bit about what is powering it. It is built, from scratch, using CakePHP 3 and has been specifically optimized for PHP 7, it also uses MariaDB for the database. So far the project has been rewritten twice. What benefits does this bring? Many, so very many. It's mostly performance and security improvements.


Please note, this is still in development and some pages could change drastically.


Profile page

Series page

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Profile Preferences

On a side note, hopefully I can convince Sam to let me rebuild the server configuration so things can be sped up more and give the new site a proper welcoming on a well configured server. AND YES, THE COMMENT SYSTEM ON CHAPTERS AND SERIES WILL STILL BE DISQUS AND YES CHATANGO WILL STILL BE THERE.

That's all for now folks, expect an update early-ish next month for a progress report. Thanks for reading and supporting YoManga!

Image by Fetal AI
Download: Version 1 — Version 2 (Text is a little higher)