Happy Birthday

Published on: by yomangaco

Hello All,

We've turned 1 year old today, and it feels awesome! Watching the YoManga community grow was an awesome journey. When I started YoManga I remember that I was a big fan of Prison School and chapters use to come so late that it was painful to wait. Going on 4chan just to read KoreanBros Translations was good but not satisfactory. So I thought why not typeset it myself.

Then I started posting my typesetted chapters on imgur and people loved it. I was so bad at it but still they loved that I took the time and made their reading experience a little better. So I thought that if everyone had a place to meet up and read chapters that'd be better.

That was the day I bought the domain YoManga.co and started a really shitty site, posting Prison School chapters. After time I started looking for a Korean translator so we could do it faster. Finding a Translator wasn't that hard and I found our first translator, Jaewon, in like a day.

Then we started doing more and more series, picking up Sweet Guy, SStudy and many more. Looking at our stats grow higher and higher was amazing. But the best part were the comments. We had this awesome commenter John Cena, loved reading his comments!

And now we are going to be doing our own series! I know you'll give our series as much love as you have given to other projects we do!

I know you've enjoyed reading our releases as much as we have loved working on them, with our community growing day by day, I just want to say Thank You!

Please bear with us as we try many new things in the future as we want the readers to get the best reading experience as we can! 

Also here is a little feedback form: CLICK HERE
It's just a a few questions so please do them!

Also we really need more help, so if you can Translate, Typeset, Clean or Redraw then please contact us at [email protected]