Hey guys!

First of all I just wanna say that I’m really sorry to everyone who got the malware ads through raws site and the main site. We were trying out different ad companies and one of them really fucked us over. We agreed on a banner ad and users who were reading series on desktop got banner ads but the users on Tablets and Mobile got very shitty redirects and malware ads. It’s also my fault that I didn’t check the new ads on all devices before going live, but as I said I’m really sorry for that. We’re still sorting out everything with them. We’ve removed all their ads from our sites and have cancelled the account we had with them.

That being said, I understand a lot of users may have started using adblockers on our site to be safe from the bad ads. I want to tell you guys that we don’t have any bad ads anymore.

We’ve joined an awesome ad company that pays relatively better than the others. How these ads work is that once you open YoManga you will only get 4 pop up ads, that’s it. When you end the session and come back again later it resets. So for example if you come online now you’ll only get 4 pops in the start and that’s it. You can continue reading without any pop ups after that. The best thing about these ads is that they open up in a new tab, which you can easily close. No redirects or hidden X’s that force you to look at the ad or you have to close the window and open YoManga again. It’s the same for all devices, a pop opens in a new tab and you can just close it, no harm in that right?

We want to continue doing these and more series for you guys and completely free, we’re also developing apps for both Android and iOS on which there will be no pop up ads, but it takes time to get the app ready have no issues when we go live with them. So please whitelist us from your adblocker and we’ll do our best to pump out more series.