Message to our patreons

Published on: by leguron

I want to thank our patreons for their continuous support. Your monetary supports helped us to transition to being able to finance our server with ad money. We faced many problems like losing Google Adsense or ad companies not paying us money but we reached a financial stable situation.

So I want to thank the people that helped us.

We want to thank:

  • Michael Alexander K.
  • Jahric
  • Aaron
  • Tri Chu
  • Lah
  • Illusionchaser
  • Michele Felice
  • Hennrick
  • Matthew A.
  • Melvin
  • Ethan T.
  • Mike
  • John D.
  • Michael K.
  • Xylia13
  • Bryan R.
  • Dude
  • Chiisanamahou
  • Big Juicy
  • Veen
  • No Reward
  • Hirin
  • Jesse
  • Guan M.
  • Mike4
  • Inukitsoq P.
  • Verg90
  • Lasse M.
  • Raymond A.
  • Nick
  • Babba Abba
  • Joshua A.
  • Raiddragon

Since we are no longer dependent on your donations you can stop donating money to us. The ad money is paying for the server and we have many raws on the raw site and many kind users that buy us the raws.

But if you still would like to support us we could use the money for improvements on the site and we would really like to work on an awesome android app for the site. We noticed that many users are reading with their mobile devices so we want to be able to give them a pleasant reading experience.

Also if you happen to be French and like our site feel free to also donate 300$