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Email from guy

Of course we aren't paying we don't have the money and it's just feeding the troll.  "In the world of hacking, DDoSing is comparable to a d*ck measuring contest. No one really cares except for those involved." We will probably move stuff to a static setup until this shit stops.
Stats for GoManga alone:

If you are located one of the countries in the first two columns (except US), expect to possibly be banned until this passes. Sorry

Hi guys, just a quick update from the development side of YoManga on outages experienced over the past few weeks and today (11th May). I know no one likes long rants, so I'm gonna make this short.

We have been ddossed quite a lot over the past few days, and recently there seem to be many attempts to brute force the reader login (by a decent botnet) while we have been busting our butts stabilizing the server. We would appreciate it if you (whoever you are!) would stop ddossing us. All it does is fuck with us like a 12-year old kid does, and that slows down our releases you come here to read. Every time we get attacked, we strengthen ourselves even more than before, but it should be unnecessary considering the nature of this site. Remember we aren't really doing this for money, but for you guys, so you're hurting yourselves.

TLDR: If you want more releases, stop with the ddossing. Otherwise expect more complications.

Further specs for the interested (will be updated if needed):

YoManga requests during DDOS